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Driver release towards the end of the month

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asked Mar 23, 2021 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by frankpedersen1 (320 points)


PreSonus answered my request a couple a days ago, and actually came back with a bunch of information including lots of links about various things regarding the M1 and the lack of support yet in many different sectors etc. So I would recommend using 10 min and send them a request if that sounds like interesting reading. I got some links I didn't already find on my own.

PreSonus does write that the message content are intended for the recipient only. And that “unauthorized copying, forwarding, publishing, or posting of any or all of the contents of this email is strictly prohibited”.

However, I believe in my best well-meant intentions it should be ok to mention the only thing people really care about.. WHEN?

"PreSonus hopes to have a release towards the end of the month" is ther exact words, and they also mention that the drivers are in their final testing phases.

They also write that they wanna ensure everything is "solid" before making a first release.

I can appreciate that, but at the same time I wished that they went with the beta approach, at least for the benefit of showing that they are just not giving people the run around. I see other audio manufactures that releases beta firmwares and lot's of highend software manufactures does the same thing. Even software like Davinci Resolve free version had a few M1 betas before they launched ther new Davinci Resolve 17 Studio version with native M1 support.

So I am crossing my fingers/toes and counting down the days! :-)





I don't know whether it's Apple global or just some local policy not exchanging intel mac's or what the heck. Perhaps it's random or they have some "repair key words" I didn't say in the correct order, but several people experienced, including me, that Apple refused to repair Intel Mac Book Pro's and just rather want to replace them with a new M1. They would not even give me a Mac Mini Intel, and I really tried various approaches. So there's that. Tough luck if your mac book dies within last couple of months :-(

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