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Strange noise from my new Eris E5 - I suppose it comes from my video card !?!?!?

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asked Mar 24, 2021 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by hristianrevenski (130 points)


Soon I bought a new pair of Eris E5. Plugged them in the interface and from them comes this noise:

The interface is TASCAM US-122 mk II, and I use unbalanced cables - RCA. It works perfect with the same configuration but pluged in guitar amp - aux in - no any noise.

2. The same electricity plug of the studio monitor - but only guitar directly plugged in it - perfect sound - no any noise. 

3. Moved the audio interface and the monitors in other home, other electricity plug and other computer - labtop. Install only the audio interface driver. Perfect sound from the monitors ! ! ! Despite the unbalanced RCA cables! 

4. Move the desktop PC in the same other home and use other TV display - the same noise !

5. Trying to disconnect the display monitors of the PC from electriicity -  lower noise. Disconnecting and the DVI monitor cables - ones more low noise but still unacceptable.  

All other possible sources are turned off - air conditioner, guitar amps, internet routers , modems , USB radio mouse and keyboard, Bluetooth ...

In conclusion - all comes somewhere from the video card which brings effect on the USB ports where the interface is plugged in the PC. 

Have anybody some possible problem and any idea for resolving ?? Why the same configuration has no any problems with all other simple PC audio devices ???

( I use:  Desk with desktop PC and stand with two Displays (IIyama ProLite - 22") 

PC components :

processor  XEON E3 -124V3

main board ASUS Z97-C LGA


power boxCorsair VS 650 W ATX

video card:  NVIDIA QUADRO K2000 )

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