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"Auto bypass on rendering" checkbox for plugins

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asked Mar 26, 2021 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by vladislavmartirosov (280 points)
I've recently started using SoundID by Sonarworks, which compensates the room acoustic problems by applying an EQ at the very end of the Master chain. It is a very popular product, I'm sure many people here are using it or are at least familiar with it. It is used as a VST plugin at the very end of the Master chain, which naturally makes it necessary to bypass it before each rendering, which can be a bit frustrating because it is so easy to forget to bypass it, especially during the first days of using it.

So my request would be a simple "Bypass on render" checkbox on plugins, which would remove that problem entirely. Besides this specific plugin, there are many "mix checking" plugins that go to the Master chain and need to be manually bypassed before each render, so this simple feature I think would improve the workflow for many people.

Thank you.

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