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Why can't i hear the metronome?

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asked Apr 2 in Studio One 5 by andreasebel (120 points)
The metronome is switched on but i can't hear it on my headphones (i'm an absolute neewbie...)

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answered Apr 2 by stanthompson2 (2,970 points)
edited Apr 2 by stanthompson2
The metronome button on the Main channel of the console view (F3 or double click on a track header, the volume for it is to the right of that button), or the metronome icon on the panel at the bottom of the screen are off . Both have to be on
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answered Apr 4 by HokumDigital (150 points)
I'm not a newb - S1 user for 9 years - and I STILL can't figure that out.

Seems like a simple thing, but it is eluding everyone I ask.

Render works fine, but live I have no click.