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Why is Studio One delaying recordings?

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asked Apr 7, 2021 in Studio One 4 by ignacioraglianti (270 points)

I've had this problem ever since I purchased Studio One 3 and I can't seem to figure out why it's happening.

Any time I record anything with my interface on tempo (MIDI, voices, instruments, etc), the recording is very off tempo. Around a dotted 16th out of tempo, so I always have to end up dragging the tracks back so they're on time. It doesn't happen in any other DAW like Protools. I have the buffer set at 128ms in this case. I also have dropout protection set at minimum.

Does anyone know why could be happening?


CPU: AMD A10-6800K

RAM: 16gb DDR3 (2x8 sticks)

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise

Interface: Focusrite 18i20 mk3

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answered Jun 8, 2023 by kylefoote (140 points)
Yes, I am having the same exact problem.  It's working just fine when I start recording my vocals and then the minute I hit a high note my vocals start delaying and I'm totally off.  Wondering if this is a PreSonus issue.  I'm ready to switch to another DAW program.  Highly frustrating when you're trying to finish a song.