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Feature Request: user defined audio delay settable in revelator

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asked Apr 20, 2021 in Revelator Series by davidcharlton2 (130 points)
I would like to configure a delay to the audio stream from the revelator.
When using an external camera for zoom or other broadcast, with video captured via an hdmi capture device for example, the audio is ahead of the video. Some devices such as blackmagic atem mini, for example, allowsyou to set the delay on their dedicated audio inputs so things sync correctly. With the DSP in the revelator I would think it would be pretty easy to add it and this could give a lot of flexibility with accommodating syncing issues.

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answered Sep 14, 2021 by julianpawlowski (360 points)
You can actually already do this: Read the manual and you will find that the settings gear provides such functionality called "output delay" that can be enabled for USB 1/2. Voice FX will become unavailable at this point but I doubt anyone really wants to use this in any live production...