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playback randomly cutting out, presonus audiobox 96

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asked Jan 18, 2021 in AudioBox USB by stefaniagarau (180 points)

I use -Studio one 5 artist- and presonus audiobox 96 from 2 weeks without any problem, 

3 days ago I unplug my presonus audiobox usb 96 for some hours, that normally is connected with my MacBook Pro, and when I had plug again it start this problem:

When I hit Play in StudioOne5Artist, some audio events will randomly stop sounding, even though the cursor is moving ahead, and one buzzing noise start for some seconds. Some events will play, some will get muted. Apparently, it is totally random. 

I'm sure that the problem is not in the software, but is in the hardware, because the same happened on Cubase, and in every different project old and new.

I already try install and uninstall a lot of times the drivers universal control, and nothing change.

Where is the problem? 

I only know that before unplug the interface, everything work perfectly for 2 weeks. 

I see that a lot of people have this problem.

Someone did found a solution?

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