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Overwhelmed. Need simple answer.

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asked May 10, 2021 in ioStation24c by colingraves (150 points)
I am very green. I am running Studio One 5 pro (thank you Sphere) through an iOS24c  I do (or want to do) narration. I am using a Rhodes condenser amp running thru an Art Tube pre-amp, before coming into my 24c (using the non XLR option and bypassing the 24c to get “line level” (I think I’m saying that right))

anyway. I need to have a conversation with myself, which means being able to record one voice, while listening to the other.

How do I not record the first voice onto the second track? I have removed the input from the track, but then I don’t hear anything. I’m missing something, and when I look for the answer. I get overloaded by people who assume I’m smarter than I am

Help.  I’m not smart.  Lol.

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answered May 10, 2021 by tothrec (31,720 points)
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When recording overdubs (adding new sounds to an existing song/project) you'll want to use headphones so that you can hear the playback, but it doesn't get picked up by your microphone.

And why the heck don't you just plug your microphone into the 24c? (this is completely unrelated to your issue)

Do you see the "Mix" knob on your 24c?  Try adjusting it while talking into you microphone and listening to the playback.