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Faderport and ioStation 24c ipad logic daw control support feature request

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asked Aug 2 in ioStation24c by rasih.caglayan (120 points)

I have ioStation 24c which contains faderport single fader version.

It works well with mac mini m2 pro while I work with logic pro, presonus studio one artis, ableton live. Bot sound card and daw control features works well for this case.

But it does not work with  logic pro for ipad. My ipad is 6th gen 12.9 inch pro.  Sound card feature works well but daw control feature does not work.

I think it is must requirement in these days. We are moving mobile and there must be a way to use presonus ioStations 24c daw control features with logic for ipad.

Thank you.

PS. I really like ioStation 24c, really super product, thanks :)

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