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Quantum 2626 and ADAT functionality in Universal Control

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asked May 11, 2021 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by marvinmiller2 (170 points)
How do you use another interface(non PreSonus) with a quantum 2626? I am using 1 optical cable from the other interface to the quantum 2626.  Do I absolutely have to use an in and out optical cable for each interface? Also, none of my ADAT inputs show up as active in UC.   Am I missing a step in my connections?

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answered May 17, 2021 by marvinmiller2 (170 points)

**Update** It appears I can create an aggregate device using audio/midi setup, then I can route the inputs from the ********* to the main outputs in studio one. I can record audio and it is synced using one Toslink cable going OUT from the Quantum 2626 IN to the *********. It’s not quite digital ADAT like I thought it would be, but I gain my 8 inputs I was searching for.