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Quantum 2626 ADAT Sync Issue

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asked Jul 23, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by Pestilence (180 points)

So I've just got a Quantum 2626, and I'm having an ADAT issue.  I'm plugging a Focusrite OctoPre into the Quantum - sample rates match, cable is in the right ports, Quantum works fine on it's own.

In the past, when I've used ADAT, I've always synced the interface wordclock to the ADAT device - but if I do that with the Quantum, the light blinks red for a bit, goes back to solid blue like it's synced... and then nothing works.  No input (the lights on the gain knobs don't even light up if I plug a mic in), no output.  The OctoPre still shows input, but it never makes it to the Quantum.  If I try and switch it back to 'Internal', it just flips back to 'ADAT' - I have to turn the interface off to get it back.

Weirdly however, if I leave the clock source on 'Internal', both devices seem to work fine - Quantum behaves as normal, and it gets input from the OctoPre.  I'm suspicious of using it like that though, in case there's sync issues during recording.

Any ideas?

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answered Aug 4, 2020 by radar23 (1,940 points)
My quantum has all sorts of problems with adat input port 1. audio glitches not so much sync, but reading what you wrote to me me suggests the sync data is corrupt on a data port one in on the Quantum.

I've rolled back the Quantum firmware and live with the fact the latest version of UC requests a firmware update and won't let me see the UC quantum channel interface.
Within S1 adat 1 worked fine.
I can sync via adat out to two other pre amps ok, but I use word clock anyway
try rolling back the firmware..
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answered Jul 2, 2021 by jadewrenpearson (140 points)
I have exactly the same configuration and believe the best I am getting is a glitchy midi device aggregate across USB & Thunderbolt or a very unstable I/O configuration that remaps depending on the start up sequence. The UC software is completely in adequate with too much automation of setting in the 2626. I am also scared to replace the Focusrite with another 2626 as my confidence in the stability of any config setup. Anyone have any comments on running 2 X 2626s?
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answered Jul 2, 2021 by Pestilence (180 points)
I did get it working in the end, though I don't really remember how.  I think there was an update not long after I posted.

I now run a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen as the ADAT expansion, and I'm using BNC to sync the clocks.  Works perfectly, even at 96kHz using all 4 ADAT ports.  The Focusrite also still works on it's own too if I switch to using that as my interface.

But yeah, the lack of routing in the Quantum is a real pain.  Like, I have my volume control calibrated to 82dB for pink noise, and I never touch it - which means I can't use the headphone outputs at all, because I can't mute the speakers (as it mutes the headphones too).  Coming from Focusrite's internal routing, it's absolutely hopeless.
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answered Mar 11, 2022 by midiman007 (180 points)
This is messed up. I have a Pro 40 and I am getting the same issue having it a slave to the Quantum 2626. Back and forth with Presonus Support blaming the Pro 40 for not syncing properly. I asked Support is the 2626 sending out the correct sync signal and I have not got a

answer yet except our device s working fine it the pro 40.

I don't know what kind of BS this is that they call support. Glad to see I am not alone. I had a ADA8200 hooked up to the pro 40 it respond perfectly to htz changes.

Presonus support reminds me for Microsoft it's everybody's else's fault not us.
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answered Oct 13, 2022 by davepinskey (140 points)
I have issues with my Quantum 2626 as well. When I set it as part of an aggregate device it records out of sync with all of the other devices attached to the aggregate. I’ve tried using wordclock, cabling all devices together in various order of designating one or other device as primaries but this only results in producing terrible clicking and distortions. I tried syncing over ADAT as well with the same result. Only when I set all devices to internal clocking am I able to record without clicking and distortion; however, the Quantum 2626 records way out of time and everything has to be slid in the timeline to match. Although, the channel 1 and 2 sends feeding into and recorded on another device is perfectly in time. It is very frustrating and no matter how I set buffering and processing I cannot resolve the issue. The device is sold as being the fastest thunderbolt device with near zero latency, but I cannot even monitor any of outputs other than the channel 1 & 2 sends without terrible latency issues. I am sorry to say, I regret ever having purchasing it.