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Quantum 2626 ADAT Sync Issue

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asked Jul 23, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by Pestilence (140 points)

So I've just got a Quantum 2626, and I'm having an ADAT issue.  I'm plugging a Focusrite OctoPre into the Quantum - sample rates match, cable is in the right ports, Quantum works fine on it's own.

In the past, when I've used ADAT, I've always synced the interface wordclock to the ADAT device - but if I do that with the Quantum, the light blinks red for a bit, goes back to solid blue like it's synced... and then nothing works.  No input (the lights on the gain knobs don't even light up if I plug a mic in), no output.  The OctoPre still shows input, but it never makes it to the Quantum.  If I try and switch it back to 'Internal', it just flips back to 'ADAT' - I have to turn the interface off to get it back.

Weirdly however, if I leave the clock source on 'Internal', both devices seem to work fine - Quantum behaves as normal, and it gets input from the OctoPre.  I'm suspicious of using it like that though, in case there's sync issues during recording.

Any ideas?

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answered Aug 4, 2020 by radar23 (1,510 points)
My quantum has all sorts of problems with adat input port 1. audio glitches not so much sync, but reading what you wrote to me me suggests the sync data is corrupt on a data port one in on the Quantum.

I've rolled back the Quantum firmware and live with the fact the latest version of UC requests a firmware update and won't let me see the UC quantum channel interface.
Within S1 adat 1 worked fine.
I can sync via adat out to two other pre amps ok, but I use word clock anyway
try rolling back the firmware..