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Metronome out of synch with StudioLive

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asked Jun 6, 2021 in Classic Mixers by laurentmerchant (160 points)
I have an older StudioLive 16.0.2 mixing table with a firewire connection.and now a new PC: Intel i5-10600K CPU @ 4.10GHz - RAM 16.0 GB. I managed to find a firewire card that's compatible with the ASUS PRIME Z590-P motherboard, I'm using Studio One 5 and the new Universal Contoler and everything is working fine...

EXCEPT that the metronome on the computer is off compared to my external metronome, around 10 bpm faster! Not only in Studio One but also comparing an online metronome website on the new PC to the same website on my tablet or phone... I've tried uninstalling the new Universal Contoler and going back to the old version but that doesn't help.

HOWEVER if I don't turn on StudioLive and the internal sound card takes over, the metronomes are all in synch!

What is going on? Is there a pilot that I'm missing for StudioLive or is the firewire connection at fault?

Can anybody help me?

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