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Connecting Komplete Kontrol s88 to PC via PreSonus Studio 24c using MIDI Din cables

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asked Feb 8, 2022 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by stevemcdonald3 (120 points)
My midi keyboard is the Komplete Kontrol s88 Mk2. Previously, when I connected it to my windows PC via USB and I started the Komplete Kontrol stand-alone app, I was able to see that it connected successfully to the device and show the Komplete Kontrol s88 MK2 controller connected via the Controller menu in the app.

I am now connecting the s88 via MIDI DIN cables via the back of the Studio 24c and getting great latency performance. BUT... in Komplete Kontrol, while I am able to use the Studio USB ASIO Driver to get the midi information into the Komplete Kontrol app, it doesn't recognize it as the s88. This sort of makes sense, since it is going to the Studio 24c and then the Studio 24c is passing data to the PC.

Is there a way to pass the MIDI data as if it is the Komplete Kontrol s88 MK2 instead? I feel like I am losing all the value of the s88 it I can only send musical note data. Must I use the USB interface?

Final Note: I am testing using the Komplete Kontrol stand-along app, but when I record, I use Studio One 5.5 Pro at the moment.

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