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How do i connect my presonus audiobox 96 usb to ableton live lite

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asked Jun 19, 2021 in MyPreSonus Questions by kianagrier (120 points)
i have a presonus audiobox 96 usb 25th anniversary edition and a shure sm7b microphone im trying to get them to work in ableton live 10 lite but im completely stuck and dont know what to do please help

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answered Jun 20, 2021 by wbqltuuk (1,590 points)
It helps if you want to ask a question, to be precise in what exactly doesn't work and what you've tried already.  This to prevent a lot of unnecessary back and forthing before tackling a problem.

-What doesn't work? Your microphone? The audio in Ableton or audio in general?
-what have you already tried? Installing the audio interface driver/manager? Did your manager sees the audio interface?

Just like any DAW, audio interfaces need to be set up. Just like any other peripherals like mics, midi hardware etc.

Have you already checked Ableton guides?  Let me know.