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Cracking and audio dropping slightly from AudioBox 96 with Ableton 10 WIN7

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asked Jul 15, 2020 in AudioBox USB by chrisbrooks13 (200 points)
Just got an AudioBox 96 and using this with Ableton 10, I have my monitors connected to the box with proper 1/4" TRS cables and everything is setup properly. No other cables are connected to the audiobox, i'm running Win7 and not using the best of PC's tbh, it's a cheap desktop from 2015 with 8GB ram and 2 cores - however it has always played audio from any DAW back perfectly fine even with CPU spikes when the output was the computer's stereo jack.

Now that i'm running the audiobox for audio output however, it's a different story. It will play fine on the whole but now and again will become distorted and skippy then cut out and come back.

Any solutions or ideas why this could be happening? I have no other audio connections to the PC, have disabled all other audio devices, turned off my wireless network card, went to basic Windows theme settings, double checked i'm on high performance and have tried each 2.0 and 3.0 USB available on my desktop. Thoughts?

Chris :)

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