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Problem update last firmware

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asked Jun 23, 2021 in StudioLive CS18Ai by alonsodelriomerino (170 points)
Hi, I have serious problem with my Studio Live CS 18 Ai associated with an RM 32.

We try to use the studio live CS today after 3 years from the last use. The touch screen didn't work so we thought we had to update the firmware. We update the CS to the last firmware v13840 following all the process but after the update firmware the consolle was completely crazy, all the lights and everything moved by itself. We turn off and then turn on, no crazyness but the touch screen follow no working and also other buttons are no working. What could be the problem and the solution? The CS was not connected to the RM, we updated only the CS the RM still no. Then we tried to use the only RM with Universal Control but it doesn't work completely too.

Thank you for your help

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