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Backup song files to cloud

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asked Jun 24, 2021 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by ethancarlson2 (200 points)
The main purpose of cloud storage for me would be to backup songs I'm working on. It would be great if we could point Sphere Cloud and Studio One to the same folder on the computer so that changes I make are automatically backed up (support told me this is currently not possible, but other cloud services, such as Microsoft and Amazon, do this as a basic feature). Thanks,

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answered Aug 28, 2021 by chrisgould (370 points)

+1 for this feature.

I just joined Sphere - and overall happy that I did. However, I joined on the assumption that I would be uploading and collaborating with entire songs. Just uploading stems does not work for me (and the people I am working with). As the OP pointed out, this achievable in other cloud storage systems. So now, I use Sphere just for keeping backups of stems, and return to Onedrive for actual collaboration. Something does not seem quite right about that.....

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answered Feb 15, 2022 by richcresswell1 (3,210 points)
The difficulty with this is the volume of many users song files, although for many this would seem a good feature at first it doesn't negate the possibility of using up the available storage then leaving you scratching your head as to why things didn't upload.
It also removes the self moderation or organisation of files, currently the convert to zip works well as it gives you this option to upload to your storage so in a sense this exists, just not in the capacity you are describing. :)