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How to save score setup in Notion (IOS)

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asked Jun 25, 2021 in Notion by chris164 (130 points)
I have Notion (IOS) and have been starting to write material for Chapman Stick. I have so far been going through the arduous task of creating the layout to show both the tablature and the notes. Is there a way to just save the layout (and custom tunings)?

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answered Jan 11 by stephenfarmer2 (330 points)
I have a similar issue with Notion 6. I would like to be able to create a default score sheet that is A4 page size (i.e., the page size used throughout Europe) and the fonts are Arial, not Baskerville. My only instrument is piano and all of my scores are for piano.

Currently, every time I want to create a new score sheet in Notion 6 (or Notion iOS) I have to select 'Piano' in Full Score Setup, then I have go to Full Score Options and select page size A4, Arial fonts, etc. It would be great to have an option of creating a user default template rather than having to recreate the same thing every time I create a new score.