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Studio One not recording midi

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asked Jul 14, 2021 in Studio One 5 by eddiecolmenares (410 points)
Windows 10, Ryzen 8 Core, Studio 192 Mobile, Digimax DP88, Faderport

I upgraded my system to finish an album and WOW issue after issue.

Right now, midi is not being recorded, nor are midi devices being seen. I have added all devices correctly. If I play them, I do get feedback on the small midi icon. However, if I try to group them, I get a "no devices found" message. They are not seen on inputs. If I try to record, nothing happens, and there is no activity on the midi monitor if I open it. I am using both a Keystep 37 and an MPD. I've tried every midi port on my computer.

Any help is appreciated.

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answered Oct 16, 2022 by frankfrench (260 points)
Sorry, my midi does not play either on studio 1 pro version 5 despite working just fine on Notion 6 and Logic Pro DAW ,  I can see activity in midi monitor so I know there is a connection., but there is nothing audible and no midi information records on the track.  This seems to be a presonus glitch since more than one of us is having this problem.  So far no one from Presonus has responded to my inquiries.  How do they expect us to keep buying upgrades if the basic stuff doesn’t work?