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notation bug in studio one 5.3

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asked Jul 19 in Studio One 5 by patrikbishay (120 points)
Hi! I am just testing studio one 5.3 (latest version) on osx Mojave 10.14.6

I encountered the following problem: When I have a measure where I want an instrument to play only on the last 16th note of the  fourth beat (apart from that just rests in the measure) I can put in a half note rest, a quarter rest and a dotted eighth rest and then the 16th note. But when I change any event (move, shorten, extend, combine) on the track that I used for the specific figure, it will change the notation to half note rest sixteenth rest, eighth rest, quarter rest and then the sixteenth note. The same phenomena happens with the same scenario on the second beat, not on the first and third beat (I did not check in any other meter than 4/4). It also happens with other rhythmic figures when 16th notes are involved.

 Of cause for the playback that makes no difference but the mistake ist reflected in notion as well. If you prepare a part, it just gets very confusing and almost impossible to read.  

Is there a workaround or will there be a fix?

To me this is really unfortunate, because I would really really like to switch over as all other features are much better than in the software I am using as a DAW and for notation but this problem is a real showstopper, I am afraid....

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