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Controlling "Sends" on selected track in "Studio One"

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asked Jul 21 in Studio One 5 by haraldsson (400 points)
Is it possible to Control "Sends" on selected track in "Studio One" with a MIDI Controller?

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answered Jul 21 by matthewritenburg (15,320 points)

Yes.  It's super easy provided your MIDI controller is recognized by Studio One.  For instance,  I have an Emu Xboard MIDI controller connected to Studio One.  If I turn a knob on my MIDI controller, Studio One immediately notices it here:

You can see in the pic above that Studio One recognized knob 1 on my Xboard MIDI controller.  I can then right-click on a send level in a track and assign it to that knob.  Here you can see that I right-clicked on the send level to Bus 1 and can assign it to knob 1 on my MIDI controller.

After the send level is assigned to the knob on my MIDI controller I can control the send level in real-time with the knob.  I can also record the knob movement to create an automation envelope.

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answered Jul 22 by haraldsson (400 points)
Thank you, and thank you for taking time to explain this. But this is not the issue. I want to be able to control the "Sends" on any selected channel. What you suggest only control the one parameter assigned to the controller. But, thank you.