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24R And Virtual Soundcheck (Control Issue)

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asked Jul 23, 2021 in StudioLive Series III by justindampier (180 points)

Long time RM16AI owner that uses virtual sound check extensively with a FireWire equipped laptop. I just ordered a 24R and after reading the manual have some concerns. Please help me understand the following:

1. To record into my laptop (via USB) and use Capture, the manual says that the device is the “only” device that can be used as control. Does this mean when I play back a session thru FOH as a virtual sound check, I will not be able to use my IPAD to make mixer adjustments. Is only the laptop (onstage with rig) the only way to make adjustments to the session playing.


By keeping the 24R hooked into my router via the Ethernet “control” jack still allow my IPAD connected on the same network to control the mixer while he Laptop with Capture is playing back a session 

Thanks in advance - Justin

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