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Studio ONE Win x64 freeze on check for updates

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asked Aug 19, 2021 in Studio One 5 by guidozerbinati (140 points)
StudioOne Win x64 freezes at every startup on the check for updates pop up. It simply stay there without any error; always have to kill via task manager.

It's really impossibile to use.

Any suggestion?



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answered Aug 20, 2021 by harrymingels (920 points)

Hi Guido, I had the same probleme one year ago with Notion 6! I got this answere from Presonus, and it works. This was the message....    I was referring to a new user account on your Windows computer.  Not a a new PreSonus user account.  You would have to create a new user account in the Windows Control Panel, log out of your current account, reboot the machine, and log into the new one.  If that works, you can move everything over to the new user account.  Documents, settings, etc.  

Best Regards

Brian Meisner
DAW and Notation Tech Support Manager

Greatings Harry Mingels