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Option on Flexmixes for a ‘Sub-Mix’ that can be fed back into the main mix.

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asked Sep 18, 2021 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by neilwestley (400 points)

Option on Flex-mixes for a ‘Sub-Mix’ that is then available to send to groups and main mix.

Aim is for example - 12 chorus radio mics to have a basic level set via a sub mix controlled by its master on say User Level, any solos that require boosting can be added on the main / user level.

As the chorus configuration change during a scene you move to another sub mix, still having all available on main / user level.

I’ve practically tested it by using 3 auxiliaries with different preset mixes, taken the aux output into summing box and then feeding an aux return.

This gave me control of those singing the chorus lines and picking out the solo lines - when the cast alter changing the chorus singers I move to the next aux mix. 

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