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MIDI Clock Start

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asked Sep 18 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by jayhlane (940 points)
Hello again!

Thank you so much for adding Bar Offset at Cursor! I'm now able to start my song at Bar One at one hour ( 01:00:00.00 ) when receiving smpte, not just at 0 seconds. However, I would like my drum machine, which receives midi clock, to wait and start on Bar One, not before, as tape pre roll requires negative bars to play as devices are synced before bar one. My drum machine starts at the nearest bar even if negative right now and I don't see an option to delay it or just put it at song start.

Thank you!!!


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answered Sep 22 by jayhlane (940 points)
in Logic, midi clock always starts at bar 1, even if in pre roll negative bars when in ext sync. The negative bars are also only visible during sync pre roll, and not accessible in internal sync mode, or not easy to scroll back to. Session only starts at bar 1 in internal