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Add support for movement of events on inactive layers

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asked Oct 18, 2021 in Editing by andrewhannigan (980 points)
Been using S1 for a few years now and I'm a bit frustrated with the edit-locking of inactive layers.  Events can only be moved on a layer when the layer is activated.  This makes editing with layers unnecessarily cumbersome.  Consider when you are cutting vocals with a vocalist.  In other DAWs it is very easy to move events between layers, regardless of active vs inactive.  In this type of workflow, the layers are sometimes just used as a temporary placeholder for events.  You may be dragging events in and out of layers just as frequently as you are recording in and out of them.  Sometimes you want to move an event to another layer just to try something different.  If that doesn't work out, you just want to just drag the old event back where it was.  Or maybe you want to pull an event from an inactive layer into the active layer, but say 4 bars forward.  Currently it's very awkward workflow to promote the clip to the active layer, drag it over 4 bars, and then remember which layer the overwritten portion was from, and reactivate that event from the relevant inactive layer.  

If you step back and think about it more from a product perspective, we as users really get nothing by edit-locking events on inactive layers.  To me it would make much more sense to opt IN to edit locking inactive layers, than to have to opt OUT.  "Layers follow events" gets us halfway there.  At least I can do my edits on the active layer without messing up all of my other layers (I'm really sure why this isn't the default behavior - sample-locking the layers is pointless because only one is ever playing).  But more importantly, a way to edit events on inactive layers would let us use layers more creatively and flexibly, and let us as users decide how we are going to use them for our own particular workflow.

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answered Oct 23, 2021 by tothrec (31,720 points)
This something I miss (used to use Cakewalk, which has this)