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Treat Layers like Events

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asked Apr 7, 2023 in Editing by krsgzwwk (650 points)
Studio One really needs to allow moving and editing layers just like events.
The "Record Takes to Layers" function is such a huge improvement for recording vocals, I love this feature!
This makes comping vocals 10 times faster than I could ever be in ProTools, which in fact made me switch to Studio One.

However one huge dissapointment is, that you can't move layers withing the layers section, you can only move them up to the track, move them and put them back as a layer, which is really unhandy.
The second workflow would be to enable "Layers follow Events"
However, when you move events in the top that already have been cut and edited, this creates a huge mess in the layers section.

The only thing we would need is a "Treat Layers like Events" option, that allows to cut, move and edit layers just like events.

I think this feature would be easiely developed and making it a option like "Layers follow Events" would not even interfer with existing workflows.

Please make this available, it has been one of the biggest improvements I found in Studio One over ProTools and I've seen similar requests have been made already years ago, but where never really noticed, even as this is such a basic feature.

This and a second issue are driving me back to ProTools, I have not updated yet to Studio One 6 as it does not offer these basic improvements I would really consider for an upgrate.

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answered Apr 8, 2023 by andrewzhong (340 points)
I want this too. That's why I haven't given up on Pro Tools yet
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answered Apr 11, 2023 by krsgzwwk (650 points)
@andrewzhong yeah right, this one feature would make Studio One the best DAW hands down, especially for recording and mixing, never seen such a great workflow. But not being able to move and cut layers is actually surprising as it is such a basic thing.

When they add this there is no way I’m going back to PT.