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Allow client (Q-mix / UC) to request mixbus permissions

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asked Feb 24, 2022 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by joshrempel (1,020 points)
I have a situation where mixing FOH and IEM's for monitors. The musicians all have Qmix on their phone, but the musicians and body pack can change on a regular basis and aren't always too familiar with Qmix. Each body pack has the mix number on it so they can be easily identified to a bus. However, when setting permissions on the board, it isn't always easy to tell who's phone is which.

The request would be for when a musician using Qmix connects to the board, they would be asked which mixbus they would like.

When the operator goes to the permissions setting to grant permissions, it would show the requests along with the selected mixbus next to each one. The operator would then only need to select "Accept" or "Reject" for each device. Next to accept, it could also include a scrolling list of mix busses so that if a musician does request the wrong mixbus, they can easily correct it without sending the musician back to retry again.

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