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Allow Keyboard Shortcuts For Panning

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asked Nov 28, 2021 in Mixing by bobbyphillipps (1,700 points)
As the title suggests, I'd like to see panning accessible with a keyboard shortcut and/or macro.

If done via keyboard shortcut, I think having shortcuts for hard left, hard right, center, and shortcuts for +2L/+2R or +5L/+5R would be useful. These would not have to be assigned by default in Studio One, but users could assign them to whatever key combinations they want.

If done via macro, allow a macro to either set the pan to a specific position, or move the pan L or R by a certain amount.

I mostly do Left-Center-Right panning, and being able to quickly go through my tracks at the beginning of a mix and set a bunch hard panning with shortcuts/macros really quickly would be a nice workflow boost instead of having to click and drag every slider or spin the encoder on the FaderPort. Thanks!

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