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A toggle to keep the cursor/playhead CENTERED!!

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asked Jan 7, 2022 in Look and Feel by krishall (790 points) 1 flag

A simple toggle on/off that allows EITHER:

  1. The cursor moves freely from left to right (like it does currently) or
  2. The cursor is ALWAYS centered and the TIMELINE data is what is scrolling left to right with a fixed playhead. YESSS!

This is ESPECIALLY helpful when zoomed in instead of the constant jumping around from left to right. 

A basic feature Cubase has had for 10+ years! 

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answered Jan 10, 2022 by reidarjorgensen2021 (350 points)
I requested this myself a few months ago. It would be great for playing/rehearsing along with the recording.
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answered May 2, 2023 by danworley (280 points)
Correction to the wording of the request: The events and data would scroll from right to left past the time cursor.

My old DAW had this option and it's how I prefer to work. It's much easier on the eyes not having to track the cursor all the time, and you can always see what's coming up.

I sure hope this gets implemented.
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answered Feb 19 by Michael Lawrence 9400 (140 points)
A lot of people requested this ... but still no change.
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answered Feb 22 by ugursoygur (220 points)
This would be a great feature, I add the cursor from the end every time.