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Universal Control showing device Studio 24c without settings (buffer size, sample rate, etc)

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asked Jan 13 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by christianschmiedl (120 points)
Dear PreSonus Team,

I'm using my new PreSonus Studio24c USB interface with Windows 10 64bit. In Universal Control (I'm logged in), I cannot adjust the buffer size and sample rate.

Universal Control Win x64 (Built on Nov 23 2021)
Firmware: latest (according to UniveralControl)

On a different PC I can use the same device with univeral control (also latest version) and have no issues adjusting the device settings. Studio24c shows up in UniversalControl with USB-Symbol, Product Icon and name, but I cannot find the option to change settings.

uninstalling asio4all drivers, reinstalling drivers (as admin), rebooting (with disconnected device) after each single step didn't help

Please help.



1 Answer

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answered Jan 15 by jeanarmand (210 points)
I had same issue ! I tryed all you did but it didn't work. I reinstalled ancient version of Universal Control and it worked back well. For moment i think UC doesn't run well. What can we do to know where issue comes from ?