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What is the best way to connect a StudioLive RM32 (Firewire) to a recording computer (PC)?

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asked Jan 17, 2022 in Classic Mixers by rickseibert (120 points)
I have a StudioLive RM32 mixer with Dual Firewire connections for recording. There is all kinds of conflicting information regarding Firewire cards for PCs and whether or not they are supported in Windows 10. I have a relatively new Dell XPS 8930 PC with USB, USB 3.1, USB-C connections, plus the ability to add a Firewire card via a PCI-e slot on the mother board. I see where there are Firewire adapters from Apple that may or may not work, one from Startech that supposedly does work with another Apple FW to Thunderbolt adapter. The Issue with the Firewire card is whether or not the legacy driver works with later versions of Win 10. Is there a tried and true way to do this?


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