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Copy Mixer settings to Sends

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asked Jan 25, 2022 in Mixing by mikesupina (6,370 points)
It would be awesome if there was a right click option kind of like how there is one for "Copy Channel Settings", but to make one that says "Copy Mixer Settings".

The difference would be that while "copy channel settings" copies EVERYTHING from the mixer which is really handy if you want to use the same chain on everything, "Copy Mixer Settings" would simply be the fader and panning values. From there, it would be awesome to right click the sends on a group of tracks and then use the "Paste Mixer Settings" option.

Something like this would be SUPER handy for creating good sounding Cue mixes for people. You get a great mix in the control room, then paste that mix to the sends as a great starting point for artist cue mixes. I use it every time I track someone who needs an alternate mix. This feature would be very handy for doing Parallel Compression busses as well so that the send panning matches the track panning. It would be similar to the Pro Tools feature "copy faders to sends".

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