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Request to add main volume control with the media keys on Apple keyboards

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asked Feb 3, 2022 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by johnsimmons15 (240 points)
I would like to request the feature be added to allow the volume up, down, and mute media keys on Apple Keyboards to control the Main output 1 & 2 levels when selected as the system output. It could simply be a checkbox to turn on and off inside of the Universal Control app. With this feature the main knob on the audio interface would still control maximum output volume, the keyboard control would simply reduce or mute the level further.

Because my interface is not as close to me as my keyboard it would be helpful for quick and convenient adjustment of volume levels.

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answered Aug 8, 2022 by harrymarr (190 points)
My Revelator io 24 is great, but I'd also really like to see this feature added to the macOS driver. Not being able to control volume with the regular volume controls on my keyboard is a nuisance, particularly when some audio I'm listening to is unexpectedly loud or quiet. Even just being able to use the volume mute button on my keyboard would be a big improvement. I don't have a strong preference between the macOS volume controls adjusting the system audio level (i.e. the "Playback" channel level) or the overall mix level – either would be great.
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answered Oct 16, 2022 by bartosz.banachewicz (410 points)
This could be done by sending UCNET commands directly - and listening on the vol up / vol down events in the OS.