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Can I use Atom to control track level and mute in Studio One 4?

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asked Feb 19, 2022 in Atom Pad Controllers by RDUB (230 points)
My ancient Faderport classic is not working properly. Can I use my Atom to set track levels and track mutes? Aside from recording, I use S1 for learning parts. I load many songs to individual tracks, and move from track to track to practice my parts. Can I set up Atom to perform these functions instead of my ailing Faderport?

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answered Feb 24, 2022 by RDUB (230 points)
Well, after some experimenting, and some good old fashioned RTFM, I now have my Atom doing most of what I did with  my old FaderPort. The FP has gone to its well deserved retirement.
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answered Oct 18, 2022 by lgbgnlhq (1,520 points)
Is it possible to control the track volume, pan and sends with the knobs on focus mode?