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Can Studio 1824c be used as an 8-in preamp through ADAT?

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asked Feb 20 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by aifuding (1,670 points)
I have a MOTU 828ES interface but it only has 2 preamps onboard. I plan to purchase a Studio 1824c interface to be used as an 8-in preamps through the ADAT without any other funtions of it.

Is this posible? Thanks!

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answered Feb 20 by colinotoole (12,060 points)
I'd guess not. I'm pretty sure the interface won't function as a standalone pre-amp unit.
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answered May 2 by parkerfleming (180 points)
You absolutely can do that. If you're working on a Mac you can create an "Aggregate Device" that include multiple audio interfaces. Then select the aggregate device in your DAW of choice and you can use all of the inputs.

Alternatively, I presume you could also ADAT to link the two together.

I've actually been looking at doing something similar so I have more line level I/O for outboard effects units and instruments. Let me know how it's going!