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Major Note FX improvements and fixes

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asked Feb 20, 2022 in Show Page by ernestalbuquerque (1,880 points)
A couple of features that should be a must in every DAW, Arturia has this option in all their plugins.

Firstly Note FX should be able to control the input polyphony and make a polyphonic or duophonic input into a monophonic one,
By 1 choosing the lowest note, which would be very useful for example, I'm playing a chord on my keyboard and I want to trigger a bass loop in Impact XT and also play a Mai Tai instance at the same time.
And on the other hand, selecting the highest note, or maybe the last played note, or first played.
Maybe even the second last note from the bottom or top, third last note and so on...

Second, Note FX for note length! I know u can do that in the arpeggiater but it's not practical as it will only play for a certain period of time and then stop. I just want a knob that lets me set the length of note just like the note length editor, but for LIVE use!!! That's would be super awesome guys

Third, option to add an octave up or down while playing MIDI, and also harmonise parts while detecting what chord we're playing, kinda like Yamaha keyboard accompaniment

Since the Show page is fairly new and needing big updates, I have been using the Song page for live use, but I do hope these features can be applied universally.

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answered Feb 23, 2022 by arturgodlewski (2,060 points)
I'd add 4th - allow inserting 3rd party VSTs - like Cthulu, Scaler, Captain Plugins, Reason Rack Plugin, etc. - into the Note FX slot, because right now we have to use at least two tracks to host the note FX on one track and instrument(s) it feeds into on 2nd track.