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Syncing 2 or more computers for same show (Host/Slave feature)

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asked Apr 21, 2023 in Show Page by juandavidartalrangel (1,190 points)
As a musician who works with several performers on stage, I've encountered a major challenge: syncing multiple laptops to one show. Each member has their unique set of requirements, ranging from playback tracks to patch changes in pedalboards to heavy-duty vocal effects. However, if one laptop fails, it could potentially bring down the entire show. Additionally, there's a need for syncing data compatible with lights and video programs, allowing for full control over every aspect of the performance.

A solution to this problem would be a feature that designates one laptop as the host, sending information on song order changes and show start/pause, while the others receive it. This would reduce the CPU workload of each player and ensure that the show runs smoothly, even if one laptop fails. With this feature, musicians would have peace of mind, knowing that they can rely on their equipment, and audiences can enjoy a seamless, uninterrupted performance.

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