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Keep the same "channel strip" loaded when switching between song sections. (When the same plugins are on them).

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asked Oct 11, 2021 in Show Page by leonardfischer (210 points)
edited Oct 12, 2021 by leonardfischer

Dear PreSonus employees and Studio One users,

As far as I can see, when switching to subsequent song sections the whole patch/channel strip is completely reloaded. This is causing an eventually unnecessery delay.

[UPDATE] This is already requested in this post:

For example: when switching from verse to refrain by MIDI the refrain sound is not immediately there. It takes a notacible amount of time until it is loaded. This makes show page almost useless for performing guitar, if you need several sounds in one song and want to choose the point in time the sound switches yourself. (I set MIDI to jump to the next section).

I know it works great to activate pedals in an ampire instance by MIDI and have a seemingless change of sound, just like with real pedals smiley(in Song Page). This should be possible in Show Page too. Wouldn't it be possible to just load change what is really changing and not reloading the whole thing? I understand that loading a new patch takes more CPU effort than turning on and off pedals.

How it should/could be: The Channel Strip should not be replaced in case there is only a pedal switched on / off in an ampire instance. It should just switch the pedals on / off.

Application Scenario: Guitar players could use Show Page to programm their sounds on a per song basis and just use one MIDI signal to switch to the next sound. Only one footstep on the same button for the whole song instead of having to handle all the different pedals.

I know this is theoretically possible right now, but as i explained it is not usable due to the loading latency.

Until this is available I still need to use Song Page for performing, controlling an ampire instance by MIDI. I can unfortunately not use the advantage of programming a setlist and using the lovely Show Page like this.

P.S.: In case i missed something or I am wrong please let me know. My block size is set to 64 samples and the CPU is not fully occupied, so this should not be the problem.

Best, Leon

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