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Feature Request: UC Surface/Qmix headphone capability

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asked Feb 3 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by robertsiegwarth (840 points)
It would be awesome to be able to plug monitor headphones right into iPad or iPhone using UC Surface or Qmix.  Especially when using the rack mount mixer where you may be mixing from across the room and would like to pop your phones in and check a monitor mix.  Or could possibly be used as low cost alternative to an IEM system.

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answered Feb 12 by andyrock0_1 (190 points)
I agree. Yes please.
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answered Apr 29 by fucktheking (980 points)
DUDE! YES! that would be so awesome
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answered Jun 14 by benpierce (52,780 points)
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Thanks for the feature request!

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answered Jul 30 by johnpadgett (260 points)
This is a must on future UC updates. I am always monitoring via headphones differente aux mixes (for FB live transmissions, stage monitors, and FO mix) but I am always anchor to the RM32 via headphone cable. That´s were we loose the mobility feature of this whole hardware/software creation. I don´t know how you are going to do it Presonus, but this is the weakest link and obstacle to overcome in the near future for true independence.