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Studiolive 32 series USB not working

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asked Feb 6 in StudioLive Series III by sammuelaguirre (200 points)
Hi there,

I have run into a problem with my USB port. At our church, we run a matrix out from the board to the computer so we can livestream. Around 3-4 months ago the USB stopped working. I've tried installing the latest firmware and used different cables and computers.  Have you guys run into this, if so can you give any guidance on how to fix it?

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answered Feb 8 by sammuelaguirre (200 points)
Hey Guys,

Does anyone know a fix for this issue?
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answered Feb 9 by robertweston2 (4,860 points)
If not already, you may want to post your question on the Presonus Forum site:

...I think there are more people "watching" that forum than this "answers" area.