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Please Lower Sensitivity For Apple Magic Mouse and Trackpad Vertical Zooming

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asked Mar 21, 2022 in Look and Feel by James_North (1,040 points)

When holding down the Command key modifier to zoom vertically (changing track heights etc), the scroll to zoom behaviour on both the Apple Magic Mouse and the Trackpad on Apple laptops is way too sensitive (using current latest 5.5.1 here).

Barely moving your finger up or down to scroll while holding Command makes the tracks jump between being as tiny as a line or as huge as your screen.

Scrolling around the project window normally is totally fine - that speed is exactly as expected ... this really fast thing only happens when the modifier is held for the zoom function.

Other DAWs (I'm coming from Cubase) do this perfectly well - it'd be great to bring that part of S1 up to scratch ... please slow it down!

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answered Apr 16, 2022 by richardkatuin (500 points)
edited Apr 16, 2022 by richardkatuin

Yes, I use several DAWs and studio One is the only one with this issue. I think both directions (horizontal and vertical ) are way to sensitive.

I also wrote support about this and their standard answer was:

Thank you for contacting PreSonus Technical Support.

We cannot discuss any future developments that may be in the works, so you will need to wait for update to see if the issue was addressed.

Thank you for your patience.
Kind regards

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answered Oct 5, 2022 by richardkatuin (500 points)

Studio One 6 has been released and still this issue has not been resolved. So i wrote support again and this is what they wrote me:

Thanks for contacting PreSonus Support.
The issue with the magic mouse has been logged internally and is in the hands of our Dev and QA Teams. They are aware of it, and it is known to them. 

Should this issue be addressed in a future build of Studio One, you will see it referenced in the release notes for that build. Unfortunately, as my colleague has said, we are not authorized to discuss future developments of our products. 

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answered Oct 14, 2022 by Phil Buckle (1,410 points)
This drives me insane and has done so for years and years.

Please, guys, we are professionals who use this software every day.

This is a basic bug that has been ignored for so long.

Please don't think that we can adjust this in our trackpad preferences as doing so has no effect.

Every other music software I own handles this fine. Even the free one.
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answered Feb 7 by masonmullins (360 points)
Astonishing this hasn't been fixed yet. It's so insanely annoying. Sometimes in sessions I can't get to the right zoom level and it's a bit embarrassing.
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answered Mar 14 by krzysztofkolaszko1 (250 points)
Big poo from Presonus, even bough newer Magic Trackpad model but same poo happens. Only way is to hold the bottom line swipe and  click on triangles on bottom right to zoom in as otherwise zooming is retarded on Magic Trackpad. Can't adjust anything in either settings.
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answered Mar 26 by denisd1 (540 points)
edited Apr 12 by denisd1
This question/request relates to mac users, but in fact, windows users don't have _any_ good pan abilities in arranger as well. So actually it's common problem - lack of good intuitive navigation, which community tries to overcome with what they can - different third-party tools (magic mouse, hotkey/automation managers, studio one x), solving this problem for each platform with dubious success. Pardon me, but it looks embarrassing from product perspective. Presonus could solve all these pan/drag/zoom navigation problems once for all platforms, but choose not to, for mysterious reason, for many years already. Why? Don't they really want to improve the product?