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Can I connect a Studio Live R32 with a R16 via AVB ?

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asked Mar 31, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by paulmensing (200 points)
I use a Studio Live R32 III mixer for recording on Studio One. Can I bridge it via AVB network to another rack mixer like the R24 or R16 so that I have more audio inputs on my DAW?

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answered Apr 7, 2022 by luketraxler (1,930 points)
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Series III Consoles and Rackmixers have a max input channel count of 32 channels plus a few Stereo return channels. (with the exception of the StudioLive 16R and 64S.)

Adding an additional mixer via AVB will allow you to have more Input sources to choose from, however, the main mixer that is USB Connected to the computer will still only support up to 32 inputs at one time from the AVB network.

Channel count for each model is further shown here. 

If you are using Apple Computers, you may be able to get more inputs using AVDECC and routing AVB with your Mac acting as a routable I/O point. However, this would not show both StudioLives as one mixer- they're control would remain separate.