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Handy MPE editor, like Ableton Live

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asked May 2, 2022 in MIDI Editing by hkitaketori (500 points)

Actually, I would like to see a more convenient representation of MPE editing, as it was originally done in Bitwig Studio, and then in Ableton Live.

The current implementation is very inconvenient. The workflow in the above-listed DAWs is much more comfortable.

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answered Jul 3, 2022 by michaelkrautsieder (240 points)
Yes, please. This is the only reason I need to use Ableton in addition to Studio One.

Especially the pitch bend solution of Bitwig and Ableton needs to be implemented in Studio One.

Also, it feels like that MPE recording doesn't work properly in Studio One. It always sounds different at playback than it sounded when I originally recorded it.
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answered Oct 3, 2022 by davidaimone (540 points)
I'm working a LOT now with a Roli Seaboard and Artiphon Instrument One, and editing MPE controller data is VERY complex and I'm not even quite sure how to approach it in S1.  Also, agree with Michael K that sometimes the playback does not match what was input sometimes, depending on what else it going on....

It would be GREAT to have a MIDI/MPE editor that broke things down by specific controller and was easier to edit.

Are there specific versions of Ableton and Bigwig that do/don't support this MPE editing?
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answered Feb 1 by ryanconway1 (1,310 points)
IMO if there is one to emulate, it's Bitwig.  Ableton is a little more clunky with combining all per-note envelopes into one editor.  Bitwig, with the tuning fork IMO is the fastest and best for being able to focus only on pitch envelope per note- and not having to select a different note to 'open' it's envelopes for editing.