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Can't add card for Sphere payment

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asked May 11, 2022 in Studio One+ by nikolaykulyabko (1,850 points)
I keep getting "the request cannot be fulfilled for the current shopper" error.
My card works everywhere else without any issues. It's this stupid bluesnap payment provider.
Support simply ignores my ticket.

Any ideas how to get it to work? I'm only left guessing what this stupid payment provider wants, there is no information, only "cannot be fulfilled"

7 Answers

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answered Jun 12, 2022 by manki (180 points)
I have the same problem. I have cancled my old card since I had lost my wallet but when I try to renew my subscription with my new card it I just get the messge "Please re-enter your credit card information"
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answered Jun 24, 2022 by marynayukhymchuk (140 points)
I have the same problem, can't pay with my card that works everywhere else, waiting for advice.
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answered Jul 18, 2022 by pllbjrnsson (140 points)
Same here. And Presonus is not doing a thing to help us?
Maybe it's best to turn to some other DAW? Maybey that's what Presonus wants us to do?????
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answered Aug 29, 2022 by royhanna (140 points)
Me to,we need anwser presonus
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answered Oct 25, 2022 by robertjohnson28 (140 points)
im having the same problem they cancelled my subscription bc they charge the wrong card now all my stuff is gone something isnt right about whats going on i know i paid and yet i have all my programs yet i cant open studio 1 its says i have to activate then says i dont have a subscription what is up with this im still waiting on a solution bc i know its not on my end #bless
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answered Mar 4, 2023 by richcresswell1 (3,210 points)
If you have used another card in the past, simply cancel the membership and re-sign up.
If you haven't previously then you may need to contact your card provider.
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answered Sep 22, 2023 by shawnbeaupre (200 points)
I'm having an issue where I need to update my payment and the option is not even on the plan page. It seems that others have had the same issue dating back two years. When is Presonus going to fix this?!? I'm grandfathered at the old subscription rate and if they make me cancel and renew at the new rate, I'm probably going to cancel and change platforms. This is horrible customer service to allow this issue to go on for years.