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Drag to select should reflect in loop

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asked Sep 18 in Studio One+ Feature Requests by AidanMillar-Powell (420 points)
This is a feature that I'm pretty certain exists in most DAWs (Cubase, Ableton, PT, Reaper, etc) and a feature I think would be really useful in S1. Personally I don't like the current solution for setting a loop: dragging the pencil at the top of the transport bar.

I don't like the current solution because it's quite a thin bar at the top, so mouse placement is just kind of finnicky.

The way I see this is like why not have transport area selection reflect the loop? It doesn't interfere with any other current functionality, and its just means that the UX is more integrated and tactile.

Further, it reflects and marries with other loop selection functionality: selecting an event will apply a loop on that event (if certain options are enabled). In this way it just seems logical from a UX pov to have the functionality extend to ad-hoc selection.

So just to give a really specific example: if I selected anywhere on the transport, either in an event or a blank space, then dragged and stopped (so that specific area would be highlighted, which is the case in PT but not in S1), the loop would then be applied to this area. Obviously this means that drag to select highlighted area would need implementation, so I will open a separate feature request for that.

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answered Sep 18 by AidanMillar-Powell (420 points)
Apologies looks like this already happens, not sure why I missed it.