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Sample One and Impact sample save

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asked Jul 7, 2022 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by davidlevins (160 points)
Hi there,

I have recently migrated to Studio One 5 and am very happy with it overall. During the transition, I have relied A LOT on Sample One XT to sample sounds I used regularly in my previous DAW which works great. One thing that I would like to request is to have a way to store samples in a core folder or as part of the patch itself instead of saving them to individual songs so that these sample instruments can be used in other projects later or backed up as a library for future use or sharing to other devices.

The same can be said about Impact XT (and possible other instruments) as this uses the same principle sample saving system.

Hoping this could be a feature in a future update!


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answered Sep 12, 2022 by ansolas (4,050 points)

you can export a sampler file : 

maybe that helps