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Subgroup GEQ has no effect if subgroup is routed back to main bus

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asked Jul 13, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by spontanious (390 points)
Subgroup GEQ has no effect if subgroup is routed back to main bus.

Why is this arbitrary limitation in place? From a DSP standpoint of view, it shouldn't make any difference, if the subgroup is routed to an output or back to the main bus.

Can we please get this fixed?

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answered Apr 4, 2023 by simonwyttenbach (440 points)
Really vote for this one. I do not understand it neither. Would make the desk more flexible, its sometimes very usefull to have an additional GEQ on a bus. Now the GEQ is there and can be assigned (inserted) but doesn't work. That doesn't make sense and leads to confusion. Please just change the insertpoint of the GEQ and it would be fixed.
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answered Sep 18, 2023 by carinegraaf (170 points)
As I work on several digital boards in live sound, I first assumed that this was a software failiure of a SL series 3 owned by a customer of mine, since the GEQ inserted on a subroup did not seem to work. After I checked this on a few other SL series 3 consoles, I found out this is appearantly by design.
As I said: I kind of need a GEG inserted in subgroups, since I use the board in a situation with speakers wearing headsets in the style of DPA 4066 mics. DPA's are rather easy to control, but 'more affordable' mics of that kind do need some work to prevent feedback when a person wearing it moves around in the room and gets in front of the main speakers.

Please get this fixed.