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Export Queue (Render in batch)

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asked Dec 6, 2017 in Editing by diapasonprodues (2,560 points)
Take Reaper for example. I can open the batch window and select several projects to be automatically opened, rendered, then closed one after the other and all export/render parameters can be set from the batch window. It is really useful to render all variations (wav / mp3) of all .songs or .projects in a row and leave the computer to do it by itself without needing to be sitting in front of it waiting for each process then manually starting the next one. Or when there are really long files to be rendered I can just go home and the next morning I will see everything is already exported for me.

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answered Jan 17, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,900 points)
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answered Dec 6, 2020 by andreasfranzmann (3,280 points)
The reaper render queue is just outstanding and would be a tremendous improvement to Studio One, too!

I make a lot of alternate versions, 60sec/30sec/15sec edits etc. so this would be extremely timesaving. Especially when the amount of plugins slows the online bounce down to 1,2x speed...

I would love to the this feature in Studio One!
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answered Mar 8, 2021 by robreid1 (1,380 points)
Sitting here rendering a bunch of stems manually. REALLY missing the reaper render queue! Probably a pretty overlooked feature unfortunately :(
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answered Feb 10, 2023 by pablowunderlich (190 points)
I would have to echo everyone here. I really need a batch converter and explorer for Studio One. I also composer musical fragments of 15-30-60 seconds and have tons of sound design bits and for each one I have to Ctrl+E to export. It would be amazing to be able to batch export these Reaper style. Please add it!!!
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answered Aug 2, 2023 by nicbarnshaw (1,120 points)

Desperately need this. In this day and age, you've gotta deliver client's mixes in multiple ways, and the Export Stems feature isn't always enough. Sometimes you gotta provide 15sec, 30sec, 60sec versions. Sometimes a Radio edit, sometimes a stage version (instrumental that includes backup vocals), Acapella (both LV and BV), and having to sit at the computer and wait for each version to export so you can start up the next export is pretty clunky. It'd be hugely useful if you could queue each export so you can leave the computer without having to manually set the next export. Reaper can do it, and even Cubase can do it AFAIK

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answered Feb 22 by ivanpablogalindez (570 points)
2024 and we are still waiting for this.

I work with audiobooks. I need to export different chapters and teasers and samples...  The option export markers give me a separate file for each chapter. But it's the entire project or one by one.

I'm considering doing this type of work with Cubase only for this feature.