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Studio 24c -Backing track bleeds onto vocal track - *not* a closed back or semi closed back headphone issue

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asked Jul 27, 2022 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by rob77 (190 points)
My setup is -
Windows 10
Shure Sm7b
Presonus 24c
AKG K240 / Sennheiser HD280 pro

The problem is, every time I want to record vocal over a backing track, the backing track bleeds into the vocal track.  This is not a headphones issue it seems, because I can unplug them and monitor using external speakers with no bleed. I can kill the gain on the backing track and it fixes the problem, but defeats the purpose.  I can also distance myself from the mic and there is no change in the waveform of the bleed.  It seems to be an issue with settings that I just don't know about, maybe a driver, or something else.  I've created a tech support ticket at Presonus but they haven't gotten back to me in the timeframe they said they would.  Trying this approach.  Any help is appreciated.


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answered Jul 28, 2022 by rob77 (190 points)
selected Jul 28, 2022 by rob77
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For anyone experiencing this problem, the solution is to go into your Universal Control and turn loopback OFF.  Happy I found the answer through my own troubleshooting, but would have been really nice for presonus tech support/customer care to do what they said and get back to me within *their* stated timeframe.  Onward.
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answered Jul 28, 2022 by colinotoole (16,490 points)
Brilliant! Well done on finding the solution to your issue. I hope you love Studio One as much as I do.
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answered Jun 20, 2023 by andresprass (160 points)
Hey, I'm the chosen one right now...

I'm having this insanely bleeding issue too while tracking guitars. Check it out:

*Loopback is already off. Like I said, everything is INTACT since January 2022. Kind of scared if I need to buy a new one. I live in Brazil and a new interface cost a whole minimun monthly salary.